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French Words With Foreign Origins

French Word Origins 

To Grow Your French Vocabulary

( For English Speakers  )

paperback  ISBN 9798377865230

                ASIN B0C9SFXCNH

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Why would anyone wish to acquire this book?

Are you ready to discover some of the beauty of the French Language and go off the beaten track? 

If you recognize yourself in the following list, then this book is for YOU. 

• You are an English speaker wanting to learn French, particularly to understand French words/phrases with foreign origins

• You would love to see your kids enhance their knowledge of French

• You are looking to join the dots between French and other languages (maybe your first language)

• You are a curious person with a passion for French 

• You are looking for an alternative to the classical academic approach to learning, or simply something to complement it 

• You love “reading around the subject” 

• You wish to boost your general knowledge of a language that matters 

• You have a great desire to “fit in more, in a French-speaking context (social/work) 

• You have plateaued in your learning experience and are looking for renewed motivation 

• You would love to impress your mates and colleagues with your familiarity with the language of Voltaire 


NEO Urban Tongue is all about discovering a language from an original angle.  

A more stimulating approach. 

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